Advisory committee

The Advisory Committee will be composed of ~15 experts from across the world.
So far, the following experts have agreed to join:

Dr. Joe Baumert
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Dr. Antonio Fernandez Dumont
EFSA, Italy

Prof.dr. Johan Garssen
Nutricia Research - Danone, the Netherlands

Dr. Geert Houben (chairman)
TNO, the Netherlands

Prof.dr. Ian Kimber
The University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Astrid Kruizinga
TNO, the Netherlands

Dr. Gregory Ladics
Dupont, USA

Dr. Stefano Luccioli
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Dr. Charlotte Bernhard Madsen
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Ronald Niemeijer
R-Biopharm, Germany

Dr. Stefan Ronsmans
Coca-Cola Services, Belgium

Dr. Paul Turner
Imperial College London, UK

Prof.dr. Harry Wichers
Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands